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Ford Aspire and Kia Avella on YouTube

Yes, us Avella and Aspire owners are cool and fun! Check out these commercials and videos.

Ford Aspire Commercial from 1994. This shows the car and some of its features. Its not one of my favorites.
Motor Week is a show that airs on Sundays on PBS. This little news story shows the car nicely. I love the computer in the background.
A race between a Ford Aspire and a Geo Metro. Guess who wins??
Oh happy day... This Kia Avellacommercial from overseas is catchy. I bet the lion was very happyto be riding ina Ford Aspire.
A Kia Avella racing around a desk. The engine in this one sounds likea V8.
Cute commercial from overseas. Girl goes the wrong way and ends up meeting another Kia Avella Delta guy who helps her out.
My favortie Kia Avella Delta commercial. The Delta goes around the oval track. All car commercials should be like this!